Jane Perlmutter
President and Founder
Gemini Group Consultancy

As a long-term cancer survivor, Jane Perlmutter, PhD, MBA, has been involved as a volunteer in health advocacy, working with a variety of advocacy organizations and government-sponsored research and policy initiatives. She is especially interested in clinical trials, and works to ensure that the patient voice is considered in selection of research questions, that trial protocols are designed to be sensitive to patient issues, and that innovation is encouraged to increase the speed of developing new treatments. 

Jane has increasingly become involved in expanding the role of research advocacy and helping to develop the next generation of advocates, including developing and delivering a variety of training programs for laypeople interested in becoming involved in health research. Perlmutter's professional experience includes academic teaching and research in cognitive psychology at the University of Texas at Austin, not-for-profit R&D at AT&T Bell Laboratories, and corporate senior management at DeVry, Inc. She is currently an independent consultant at Gemini Group.