Heather Han
Medical Oncologist
Moffitt Cancer Center Department of Breast Oncology

Dr. Heather Han is the Research Director and medical oncologist in the Moffitt Cancer Center Department of Breast Oncology. She is dedicated to helping find a cure for the millions of women whose lives have been affected by a diagnosis of breast cancer. Dr. Han finds that Moffitt Cancer Center offers a unique health care environment in that outstanding physicians in every discipline work together for a common cause in the battle against cancer.  She believes that the future of cancer is to provide personalized treatment for every patient.  Moffitt’s Total Cancer Care initiative is making great strides toward this goal. Dr. Han is currently researching outcomes among breast cancer patients of different nationalities, including Asian, African American, Hispanic and Caucasian, to determine whether race may have an impact on disparities in chemotherapy toxicity.  She is also a principal investigator for phase one and phase two clinical trials evaluating novel targeted breast cancer therapies designed to improve prognosis, reduce side-effects and improve quality of life.  Dr. Han enjoys the opportunity to participate in Moffitt’s medical oncology fellowship program, serving as an instructor and mentor for the outstanding medical oncologists of the future.