Christopher Benz
Medical Oncologist
University of California, San Francisco

Dr.  Christopher Benz is a clinical oncologist and a translational researcher with  faculty appointments at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, where as a  founding faculty member he conducts laboratory breast cancer research, and at  UCSF’s HDFCCC’s Breast Care Center and Breast Oncology Program, where he  treats breast cancer patients and participates in major clinical research  efforts like I-SPY2, serving as a founding member on its New Agent and  Biomarker Committees.  Along with  bioinformatic scientists at UCSC and UCSF, Dr. Benz also co-directs one of  the NCI’s Genome Data Analysis Centers, which recently completed it  groundbreaking “PanCancer Atlas” project, molecularly characterizing over  10,000 human tumors across 33 different cancer types, producing a new  re-classification of cancers that is expected to better inform clinical  trials and drive more effective and personalized cancer therapy.