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2017 American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting
June 2-6

Pembrolizumab plus standard neoadjuvant therapy for high-risk breast cancer (BC): Results from I-SPY 2

Nanda R, Liu MC, Yau C, Asare S, Hylton N, van 't Veer L, Perlmutter J, Wallace AM, Chien AJ, Forero-Torres A, Ellis E, Han H, Clark AS, Albain KS, Boughey JC

Background: Pembro is an anti-PD-1 antibody with single agent activity in HER2– metastatic BC. I-SPY 2 is a multicenter, phase 2 platform trial which evaluates novel neoadjuvant therapies; the primary endpoint is pathological complete response (pCR, ypT0/Tis ypN0). We report current efficacy results, with final results at ASCO. 

Methods: Patients (pts) with invasive BC ≥2.5 cm by exam or ≥2 cm by imaging are assigned weekly paclitaxel x 12 (control) +/- an experimental agent, followed by doxorubicin/cyclophosphamide x 4. Combinations of hormone-receptor (HR), HER2, & MammaPrint (MP) status define the 8 signatures studied. MP low HR+ BC is excluded. Adaptive randomization is based on each arm’s Bayesian probability of superiority over control. Graduation by signature is based on an arm’s Bayesian predictive probability of a successful 1:1 randomized phase 3 trial with a pCR endpoint. We provide raw & Bayesian estimated pCR rates adjusted for covariates, time effects over the course of the trial, & serial MRI modeling for pts not yet assessed for pCR surgically.

Results: 69 pts were randomized to pembro (HER2- subsets only) from Dec 2015 until it graduated in Nov 2016. 46 pts have undergone surgery (table); the other 23 have on-therapy MRI assessments. In 29 HR–/HER2– (TNBC) pts, pembro increased raw & estimated pCR rates by >50% & 40%, respectively; in 40 HR+/HER– pts, it did so by 13% and 21%. 5 pts had immune-related grade 3 adverse events (AEs); 1 hypophysitis & 4 adrenal insufficiency. 4 pts presented after completion of AC (149-179 d after starting pembro); 1 presented prior to AC (37 d after starting pembro). 7 pts had grade 1-2 thyroid abnormalities. 

Conclusion: Pembro added to standard therapy improved pCR rates in all HER2- BCs that meet I-SPY 2 eligibility, especially in TNBC. Immune-mediated AEs were observed; pt follow up is ongoing. 

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