I-SPY 2 Featured in Innovators Presentation by FasterCures 2013

FasterCures, the Washington, DC-based center of the Milken Institute, convened the fifth annual Partnering for Cures meeting Nov. 3-5 in New York. Partnering for Cures brings together leaders from all sectors in medical research with the express purpose of making collaboration happen – collaborations that must happen if we are to speed up the time it takes to turn discoveries into treatments and cures.

FasterCures invited organizations engaged in innovative, cross-sector collaborations aimed at reducing the time and cost of getting new medical solutions from discovery to patients to submit proposals for the 2013 Innovator Presentations. I-SPY 2 TRIAL was chosen to present to a distinguished group of industry experts.

Click on the link below to hear Dr. Melissa Paoloni, Director of Advanced Clinical Trials for QuantumLeap (Sponsor of the I-SPY 2 Trial) talk about what makes I-SPY 2 unique and effective in accelerating cancer cures to the market.

Be sure to click on the link on this page to see the slides presented by Dr. Paoloni.