BioCentury Features I-SPY 2 Trial in Haste Not Waste

On September 5, 2016, BioCentury published the article Haste Not Waste, which featured QuantumLeap’s I-SPY 2 Trial in their 24th annual “Back to School” issue. The article details how I-SPY 2 helps researchers in industry and academia rapidly unravel molecular disease mechanisms, and makes it possible for drug developers to more quickly and efficiently intervene via disease pathways with drugs targeted to specific populations. In contrast, the current clinical development paradigm cannot keep pacein this endeavor, and the article not only addresses this critical issue, but provides a roadmap for companies to get out in front of it. Initial I-SPY 2 results, reported in 2014, were used to illustrate how investigators were able to test across multiple subtypes in a short amount of time, and how the Phase II study facilitated advancement of two compounds to Phase III in distinguished patient subgroups. As of July 2016, three more compounds have graduated to Phase III of the trial. Read the full article in BioCentury (